Rebecca Teboul

Yoga and Pilates teacher
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Rebecca, passionate about movement since childhood, has dedicated her life to exploring the different facets of body and mind through dance, yoga and Pilates. Her innate connection with movement developed from an early age as a dancer, a discipline that shaped her deep understanding of fluidity and grace. After practising yoga assiduously as a student for 5 years, she chose to pursue her path by undertaking in-depth training in vinyasa yoga .

To further enrich her skills and deepen her anatomical understanding, Rebecca obtained the CQP ALS sports instructor diploma. Her unique approach combines the grace of dance, the wisdom of yoga and the power of Pilates to create classes for all levels, tailored to each participant. For Rebecca, the key lies in the mind-body connection, a philosophy she fully embodies in her teaching.

According to her, Pilates is much more than just physical exercise; it's a complete discipline that transcends movement to encompass deep breathing and body awareness. As for yoga, she sees it as a way of reconnecting with her true self. She sees the combination of yoga and Pilates as an invitation to a complete reconnection of body and mind.

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