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Yoga Kundalini
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Our yoga retreats

Wellness stays

Experiences created with the aim of promoting the physical and mental well-being of the participants.

Eco-friendly places

Carefully chosen inspiring places in a sustainable and supportive approach

Activités pour tous

Gentle practices at all levels to discover with people who are like you.

Affordable prices

Our aim is to offer you augmented stays at a fair price

The VaWanda Wellness Experience

Company seminars and team-building activities

A variety of activities adapted to the needs of businesses and their employees with the aim of improving employee well-being and strengthening team cohesion.

Team-building activities designed to evolve together outside the traditional framework of the company. Workshops and retreats for businesses offered by VaWanda prove to be very beneficial for gaining perspective, building supportive relationships, and approaching certain team aspects differently.

Among the choices offered, you will find the most classical themes as well as others more specific such as NLP, sophrology, self-hypnosis, culinary workshops, or theater.

Get in touch with VaWanda’s teams to imagine together your tailor-made seminar.

Yoga retreats and stays for relaxation and personal fulfillment.

VaWanda is a travel agency specializing in yoga retreats, wellness stays, and personal development.

Founded with passion and inspired by the founder’s regular visualizations and meditations, VaWanda aims to promote the inner and outer well-being of each participant.
Our stays combine well-being practices, vegetarian and healthy eating, and eco-responsible locations.

VaWanda stands out for its diversity of stays both in practices and destinations, with a strong ecological commitment. Whether for a weekend or longer, the agency offers a soothing and invigorating wellness break, alone, with company, or with colleagues.

VaWanda stakeholders

Eva Peel
Alma de Villalobos
Bianca Alencar
Thomas Rocourt,Christopher Haddad, aka Habibi et Guillaume Zeender
Les 3 guides de l’art d’être un homme
Eva Martin
Eloha et Adrien

The wellness blog of VaWanda

Alternative therapies

Qu’est ce que l’Ayurveda ?

L’Ayurveda, la science millénaire de la vie, est une source de sagesse qui nous enseigne comment cultiver une vie équilibrée

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