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At VaWanda, we understand the daily challenges faced by business teams. To meet these specific needs, we have developed an offer dedicated to professional development and well-being in the workplace.

Whether you want to strengthen team cohesion during a corporate seminar, promote employee well-being with a yoga retreat, or counter daily stress with a short stay consisting of several team-building sessions and creativity workshops, the Vawanda experience offers tailored solutions.

Offer your employees a beneficial break, helping them to refocus, recharge, and strengthen their bonds. Whether through wellness seminars, workshops at your premises, or team-building sessions, each program is carefully designed to meet your specific requirements.

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In VaWanda, we are committed to supporting you in the positive transformation of your professional environment.

Our well-being offer dedicated to businesses


Combining well-being and cohesion, our programs offer an immersive experience to strengthen team bonds Offer your business a refreshing and invigorating break, conducive to collaboration and inspiration.

Business seminars

From our yoga retreats to personal development workshops, each seminar is designed to stimulate creativity and promote relaxation. Live a memorable experience at the heart of team wellness.


Organized at your premises for 2 or 3 hours, offer a unique experience to your teams. Stimulate your collaborators and give them the opportunity to discover oneself differently Transform your premises into a space for professional fulfillment.

Works councils

Offer your employees a well-being break with our offer of activities and stays dedicated to works councils. Offer enriching experiences to your collaborators which will turn into unforgettable moments

Teams that have already benefited from the Vawanda experience

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Transform your business into a space where well-being, balance, and performance harmoniously converge.

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