Thermal baths benefits ?

Introduction to thermal cures

Thermal medecine, for a long time recognized for its soothing and healing properties, offers a hollistic approach to heal various infections, from rheumatic disorders to skin infections and psychosomatic issues.

Combined with traditional medecine, the use of thermal water, rich in beneficial minerals, can be a precious complement to improve life quality. Explore with us the different type of thermal cures and their specific benefits.

Special thermal cures


Thermal cure in rheumatology offer a range of activities, like aero bath, high pressur shower in pools, hydromassages and pool mobilization. Those methods contribute to ease joints pain, to improve mobility and to pomote muscle relaxation.


To heal skin infections, thermal cures offer treatments like running water baths, underwater showers baths, compresses application, skin spraying. These approaches are especially efficient to treat eczema, acne and other skin conditions.

Respiratory tracts

Breathing troubles benefit sprays and aerosol therapy, contributing to heal breathing conditions, improving breathing capacities and promoting pulmonary well-being.


Thermal cure in the neurology field include jet showers, sprays, mud application, as well as mobilizations and massages of the members underwater. These methods aim at relieving neurological pains and at improving mobility.


For vein issues, thermal cures offer running water baths, jet showers, water walking lanes, and legs sprays.These treatments contrbute to reduce pains, heal inflammations, and improve bloodstream.

Diggestive and metabolic diseases

Thermal cures address digestive and metabolic problems by offering wait loss control programs and new eating habits acquisition.

Thermal water benefits on skin

Thermal water turns out to be a precious ally forskin diseases treatments like eczema, erythematous scars of acne, rosacea, pruritus, and pruriginal scars.

Recommended by the French National Authority for Health, its use offers a significant improvement of the affected people’s life quality.

Chronic lower back pain treatments and other medical breakthrough

Thermal cures turned out to be beneficial in the treatment of chronic lower back pain, inflammatory rheumatisms and arthrosis treatment.

As a complement to traditional medicine, thermal cures offer encouraging results to enhance patients’ life quality.

Thermal cures ; a holistic experience

By offering a perfect balance between thermal water curative benefits and complementary medical approaches.

Considering a thermal retreat, it’s giving yourself the opportunity to find physical and mental well-being back within a health and relaxation dedicated environment.

So, ready to dive into a soothing therapeutic experience ?



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