Ayurvedic massages and treatments, yoga and meditation retreat in Allier, France

8 days
8 days

Ayurvedic massages and treatments, yoga and meditation retreat in Allier, France

8 days -
- from € 1290

There are several available dates for 2024:

  • July 7th to July 14th
  • July 21st to July 28th
  • August 18th to August 25th
  • October 19th to October 26th


Go for an Ayurvedic massage, yoga and meditation retreat with Spa and traditional Swedana in a superb chateau.

During this yoga retreat, you'll take part in traditional Indian ayurvedic treatments, morning yoga classes and meditation in the forest.

You'll be staying in the heart of the Bourbonnais countryside, in a setting of total serenity and unspoilt nature.

Enjoy your free time to stroll through the park or to one of the many magical spots in and around the castle.
You can also rent bicycles if you want to go for a ride.

Ayurvedic treatments:

During this week, let the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda and the power of its traditional treatments lead you to deep relaxation.


Château de La Pierre is a 14-hectare estate just a stone's throw from the Forêt de Tronçais. The estate is surrounded by centuries-old oak trees that infuse the landscape with a soothing energy.
The castle 's foundations date back to the late Middle Ages, and the authentic style is reflected in the woodwork and moldings with their Indian Yoga andAyurvedic influences.


The cuisine will be 100% organic, vegetarian and based onAyurvedic principles.
You'll enjoy Indian Dal with expertly blended spices, basmati rice with cardamom, homemade sprouts and many other Ayurvedic dessert delights.

At Château de La Pierre, we try to make the detox experience as enjoyable as possible, with our six-flavor cuisine following seasonal influences and adapting to individual needs.
You can sip herbal teas or cold infusions of fresh herbs all day long, to vibrate with Prana.

Detailed program

Purvakarma cure: gentle detoxification and rebalancing

This cure allows you to take a complete break from the daily grind. It eliminates toxins from the digestive system (ama), strengthens the metabolism (agni), regenerates body tissues (dhatus) and rebalances metabolic energies (doshas - Vata, Pitta, Kapha). This new-found well-being can be sustained over time by continuing the Dinacharya ( Ayurvedic rituals and routines) learned during the cure.

  • Six full days of treatment immersed in the peace and serenity of the estate
  • Seven nights' for ample rest before and after treatments
  • Individual assessment consultation to define each person's care program
  • Different treatments every day, complementary and tailor-made, in the purest Ayurvedic tradition.
  • A vegetarian, organic, home-cooked diet based on the principles of Ayurveda
  • A gentle yoga class, affordable for all, every morning
  • At least one activity per day: Forest bath, Spa outing, Yoga Nidra, guided meditations, Ayurvedic diet workshops and Dinacharya (Ayurvedic longevity rituals)


Example of a day's treatment program:

7:30 am: Yoga: singing, meditation, breathing, warm-ups, gentle postures
9 am: Breakfast: fruit, porridge of the day, slices of artisanal organic bread
10 am: rest time in the park
11:30 am: Ayurvedic treatment
1 pm: Ayurvedic meal
3 pm: Forest walk or free time
7 pm: Ayurvedic meal
8:30 pm: Vibratory meditation

During the day, you can stroll through the park, relax in the sun or shade on the deckchairs, swim in the ponds of the nearby Forêt de Tronçais, walk in the forest or in the bocage. Put your phone aside and enjoy the absolute serenity of the surroundings.
You can also rent bicycles directly from the site (or from a nearby store).

Practical information


Shared double room

  • 1290 € person

Single room

  • 1670 € person

Price includes :

  • Accommodation
  • Full board
  • Ayurvedic meals
  • A customized program of six major treatments
  • Yoga classes and complementary practices
  • The spa

This price does not include :

  • Transportation
  • Personal expenses


Practical details:

- Don't forget to bring along for your week: clothes and shoes for walking in nature, suited to the season.

- Oil-safe swimwear, clothing and underwear. A turban to wrap around oiled hair after Shirodhara, if you have long hair.

- Your yoga outfit, mat and cushion if you prefer to use your own (we also lend them out).

Six treatments are selected from among the following:

Option 1: 4 major Speciality treatments + 1 Abhyanga + 1 Complementary treatment

Option 2: 3 major Specialty treatments + 1 Abhyanga + 3 Complementary treatments

How do I get there?

Château de La Pierre is located in the Allier region, 250 km from Paris. Please note that there are no buses on Sundays.

Shuttle service on Sundays at 6:30 pm from Moulins station; at 10:30 am on the following Sunday from Cérilly (arriving at the station at 11:15 am).

By car : the quickest and cheapest way to get here by car from Paris is via the A6 and then the A77.

We also offer cancellation insurance from 48€. For further details, please contact us on 06 77 29 61 68 or by email [email protected].


from 1290€ onwards


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Cancellation policy: All reservations with Vawanda can be cancelled or modified free of charge up to 60 days before the start of the stay or workshop. Between D-60 and D-30, a cancellation/change fee of 30% of the reservation amount applies. Between D-30 and D-15 the charge is 50%, from D-14 the charge is 100%. Cancellation insurance is available for all bookings.Please see our Terms and Conditions for more details.Special Sales Conditions may apply to certain stays.

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