Caroline Pieton

Āyurveda practitioner and Kundalini yoga teacher

Caroline Pieton, Āyurveda practitioner and Kundalini yoga teacher

Trained as a lawyer, her discovery of Kundalini yoga in 2017 opened her eyes to a new path that would lead her a few years later to a teaching diploma in this powerful yoga practice and a meeting with Vaidya Narendra Das, eminent Āyurveda specialist.
She attended several Āyurveda training courses and then set up as a practitioner in Grenoble offering individual guidance and massage, while continuing to deepen this path as part of the Āyurveda Datta mentorship with Narendra Das.
Passionate about cooking, Caroline experimented with food until she found a balance thanks to Āyurveda. She now offers her services as a cook specialized in Ayurvedic nutrition on stays and training courses. She is keen to share what Ayurvedic cooking really is: the art of making substances "pathya", meaning that they will nourish the body and mind,without altering the dosa or obstructing the circulation channels (srotas). .
Her watchwords: tasty, simple, easily digestible cuisine, a reconnection with hunger and satiety, mindful eating.
She created the Suryaveda brand and launched a range of traditional Āyurveda remedies, spice powders, medicinal oils and ghee with the support of her guide Vaidya Narendra Das.

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