Carla Nataloni

Yoga and hormone yoga teacher
carla tra i trulli

Carla is originally from Puglia, but has been living in La Spezia for several years and has been a yoga teacher since 2002. She discovered yoga at the age of eight, thanks to her grandmother Elvira, who used to take her to classes in this wonderful discipline. In 1992, she began working in fashion for the Max Mara group in Italy, then in France, while continuing to practice yoga. In 1993, just after graduating, she went to India for the first time, and since then has returned whenever she has had the opportunity, to meet the Masters and learn the different teachings. In 1999, she had the important encounter with Master Mansoor, who introduced her to the practice of the yoga of silence and eventually encouraged her to become a teacher. For many years, she has followed and continues to follow Mansoor, practising regularly, studying Vedanta and taking part in Vipassana meditation courses and retreats. In 2002, she completed the Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) in Netala, Himalayas, India, gaining the title of Yoga Siromani.

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