Antoine Pommet

Canadian Yoga Teacher
From Montreal, Antoine Pommet brings his expertise and passion for playful, dynamic yoga wherever he travels. He teaches a humble yet demanding Vinyasa Flow, Hatha and Yin practice that doesn't exclude play or laughter. In his teaching, Antoine approaches poses with respect for the body, exploring the limits of personal self-improvement.
This practice favors conscientious movement and still observation of the inner spectacle. Exchange and listening are at the heart of her teaching and the basis of a learning process in which pleasure must remain the priority.
In 2014 he was trained by Modo Yoga in Los Angeles, a year later he completed a first Vinyasa training with Dina Tsouluhas. This training is the trigger for a mentoring process with Tsouluhas (trainer with Modo Yoga since the group's first activities in 2005).
In 2018, he completed two complementary training courses: The Art Of Teaching Kula Yoga in the United States with Schuyler Grand and Nikki Vilella (co-founders of Kula Yoga Project in New York), where he perfected his adjustment techniques.
That same year, he completed a Yin yoga teaching course with Gemma Vassallo in Paris, followed by a second one in 2022 with Laëtitia Lecuyer.
Since 2020, he has been training in the FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) method with Professor Matt Phippen. His courses and interventions in teacher training programs are informed by the intelligence of these complementary practices.
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