Aniela Sidei

A top-level gymnast in Romania for 8 years, I arrived in France in 2003... and gave up sport altogether.
As I entered working life and held positions in communications and marketing, it became clear to me that I was cut out for something else...
Practicing Yoga from time to time and more assiduously fitness, I'm embarking on the passage of a BPJEPS AF where I have the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of anatomy.
I then fly to Bali to take the 200-hour yoga course at the Trimurti school in Amed.
I refined my knowledge of Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga and immersed myself in meditation and introspection.
A true spiritual journey, I'll meet some wonderful people and also discover how to "cleanse" my body through diet, meditation, breathing and the practice of Asana Yoga.
Since then, I've been passing on my practice and experience with passion and authenticity. I mainly teach vinyasa yoga in Nice, and I love meeting you, accompanying you and sharing incredible moments with you.
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