Alma de Villalobos

Professional dancer, choreographer and teacher of dance, yoga and pilates

A professional dancer, choreographer and teacher of dance, yoga and Pilates, Alma's knowledge of movement is based on her artistic practice. She listens to each student and helps them progress at their own pace.
The aim is to connect body and mind, get back into shape and find your well-being. She focuses on respect for the body, its movement and fluidity, and seeks to connect it with the spirit.
Arriving in France in 1999, she continued her career as a dancer and choreographer, collaborating with French theater artists such as Jérôme Savary, Jean Louis Grinda, Barry Collins, Stephan Druet, Vincianne Regatteri and American Chet Walker (assistant to Bob Fosse). Since 2009, she has choreographed for Compagnie de Caramels Fous.

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